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Dream Big – Big Identity

That God is our Father, was a central message of Jesus and remains a crucial revelation for every believer.

The Modern Gospel

The methods of communication may have changed but the Gospel is still Grace, Truth and Good News.

PUMPED Youth Service

The PUMPED team led today’s service. Insight, wisdom, fresh perspective is what these 3 young gifted Christian leaders have brought to their messages.

Weston Carryer Healing Meeting

10:00am and 6:30pm – 25th November 2012 Weston Carryer carries a gift of healing and has ministered to countless people over the years. Always giving all the glory to God as he has seen many miracles taking place. There will be two opportunities to hear Weston on the 24th November 2012. Bring along those that […]

Don’t believe in what we see – Believe in what God has said

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe God can transform hearts and lives? Maree Brown shares some of her own journey to explain why we can expect God to move here, today, and why miracles were not just in Jesus’ day.

Bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth

“The Kingdom of God is like…” is a phrase to catch the imagination. Is it like you? John Walsh shares how we are the Kingdom of God on earth.

Healing Meetings with Weston Carryer

We are always excited when Weston comes to minister at our church. This Sunday was an amazing day, seeing God heal people physically, mentally and spiritually! What an amazing God we serve!! Healing Testimonies The following has been produced as a testimony to the healing power of God. It shows that: Jesus is healing today […]

Blood that cries out!

By Pastor Carey Clow Pastor Carey talks about the blood of Abel and how it cries out for justice to the God of heaven, and takes us through looking at other examples of injustly spilt blood. Blood always has a sound, testimony, a cry that reaches to the heavens. In Jesus Christ, the blood of […]