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NPCLN Leadership Development Day

Ps Marshal Gray and Ps Scott Thornton from LIFE came down to teach at the NPCLN Leadership Development Day  Click on the links below to have a listen Session 1 Ps Scott Thornton Listen to this message – High Quality MP3 (Broadband)  Listen to this message – Low Quality (Dial Up) Session 2 Ps Marshal […]

Self Leadership

David Quin talked about getting close to God in Prayer How it is important to be in a close relationship with our "Dad in Heaven" and if we are in a good relationship it empowers us to make good decisions in life in other words it helps us with "Self Leadership"    Click on the links below to […]

Let Justice Shine

LET JUSTICE SHINE – Ps Carey ClowPs Carey spoke on the topic of justice this week and then brought it close to home by reminding us of the mission on our own doorsteps – Marfell This would be a great topic to discuss at life groups – see notes below       Listen to […]


Rev David Quin gave a great message about being Inspired   Who inspires you? Are you inspired?  This message is about chasing after God and not settling for what we have chasing after more God moments, more Salvations, more Healings, more Anointing   More of the Hand of God in our lives   Listen to this message […]

Where we are at!!!

Ps Carey managed to turn a “so called not preaching” message about where the church and the Acts Churches of New Zealand movements is at the present, into and inspiring message.   In this message Ps Carey talks about the new season where God is leading us Both as a Church and as a Movement […]


Ps Carey once again has brought us a fantastic message straight from the Throne Room   Dissatisfaction we have all felt it from time to time. Ps Carey explains how God uses this to push us on to achieve more for the Kingdom and how we should not stop and settle for less than what God […]


Tony Gerber delivered a fantastic message at the 9am Service  Tony explain the power in encountering Jesus and how we need to make this a daily occurrence. Downloadable MP3 files in high or low quality formats are available. Click the link below to listen to this inspiring message.  Listen to this message – High Quality […]