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Dream BIG – BIG Changes Ps Carey Clow

Dream BIG – BIG Changes by Ps Carey Clow – 22/06/14 To Listen, Click Here: Who wants to live a small insignificant life, really? Baptism doesn’t change us; rather it reminds us we are changed. Jesus was baptised as a sign to the world, we are baptised as a sign to the world. Baptism is an […]

Baptism – why we do it…

Click here to listen to: Baptism – why we do it…   We celebrate as 4 people get baptised today at Park City Church.  This message explains what it means to be baptised, and why it’s important to us as a church.  


Baptism Service 29 Sept – Take the plunge

Baptism Service

Sunday 27 January – Christian? Get baptised! Now is the time!

The Great Commission

The Great Commission. Jesus said “go and make disciples of all the nations”. But does this mean that everyone must become missionaries? Bryan Barnfather explores what this commandment of Jesus’ really means.


Ready to be Baptised? Read on below for further information on baptisms that will tell you all you need to know and explain why it is significant.