Further Information

Park City Church is a registered Charitable Trust # CC51259 and recognised as a donee organisation by the IRD.

Tithes and Offerings - How can I give?

Along with gratefully accepting tithes, from time to time Park City Church may take up an offering for a special cause, purpose or guest preacher. Tithes and offerings can be contributed by any of the following means.

  • Internet banking – By A/P or Direct Credit to TSB Account : 15-3956-0659700-00
  • By phone – VISA Debit or Credit cards (or MASTERCARD)
  • In person – as above plus Cash & EFT-POS
  • By post – Cheque (made out to ‘Park City Church’ post to PO Box 3017, Fitzroy, New Plymouth 4341)

When giving by any means, please include:

  • What the offering is for (eg ‘Tithes’, Vision, guest preacher, special offering etc.)
  • Your name OR tithe number (to enable us to issue an end of year tax receipt)

Note: Though we provide VISA/MASTERCARD as a payment method – we do not endorse giving out of debt. Please only use this method of giving if you are personally responsible for and have the funds available to cover the transaction. It is not our wish that people give to God in such a way that their lives become bound up by financial debt.

Can I get a ride to the services?

Yes! We have a free van pickup/drop off service available.

TXT 027-7399934 with the keyword VAN and include your name and address. For example send “VAN Joe Bloggs 1234 Someplace St, New Plymouth“.

Our van will pick you up bring you to our 10.00am service on Sundays – then drop you back home at the end of the service. Rides must be arranged in advance with our office – but it’s easy – so give us a call and we’d be pleased to help. Please note: This service is provided for those who genuinely need help due to things beyond their control. It is presumed that you would have investigated all other normal means by which you can get to our services.

Training & Internship

Park City Church offers a full time local internship program consisting of a combination of one years study and volunteer work in the local church. In conjunction with the Equippers College of Auckland or Vision College in Hamilton, the internship program will do a number of things:

  • Earn a Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry or equivalent
  • Help build Park City Church and its vision.
  • Equip the student with Apostolic DNA.

Potential students must be able to dedicate a whole year to the programme, and provide their own financial support during study. The course is eligible for Student Allowances and Student Loans. For details of the Certificate program its associated fees, see the prospectus at www.equipperscollege.com or Vision College. Enquires should made to the Senior Pastor at Park City Church. See our contacts pages…