Autism Respite and Support Facilites

We understand the challenges that come with raising children who are on the autism spectrum, and the cost both emotionally and financially on parents and family.  Through ASD Connex we are here to help and provide for families living with autism.

ASD Connex

Due to the incredible efforts of some of our team we currently offer a support group for parents and children on the Autism spectrum, held the last Saturday of every month from 2pm-4pm.

At each ASD Connex session the children get looked after in a fun program by supervisors while the parents get to hang-out with each other over coffee and a delicious afternoon tea. They also have a chance if they wish to talk about strategies to help raise their children and to share resources and skills with each other and our support staff.

These sessions are free of charge. Come along and let us encourage you!

Autism Respite Centre

We are currently raising money via Givealittle to create a more comprehensive Autism respite facility here in New Plymouth for parents who attend church and beyond into the community. The idea is that parents of children with autism should be able to come to church, drop the children off to a fully specialised and supervised sensory learning environment for the duration of the service, thus leaving the parents free to relax, socialise and generally refresh. To achieve this we need to extend our building and provide the right space.

Please consider partnering with us to help those who often suffer silently in our communities.

Donate via Givealittle