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Welcome Home

Wherever and whatever we don’t overcome and whatever victories we don’t have in our lives – the next generation will have to fight.

Fathers Day

When you praise God he magnifies. He swells up. When you praise men we become better, we become bigger; larger.


We often cannot hear God in the storms, the earthquakes, or in the fires of life, we hear him in the stillness.


To defeat the darkness out there you must first defeat the darkness in yourself.


The fight we have on our hands is not with people or situations. The fight we have on our hands is with spiritual powers that are constantly waring for your soul.


Don’t wait until you feel qualified to do what God is calling you to do. He qualifies the called. He doesn’t call the qualified.


Avoiding unnecessary pain is sensible, but the goal of life is not to avoid pain! Don’t avoid the types of pain that will make your life better.

Restless Spirits

Not all restlessness is bad. Restlessness can be God’s way of getting your attention.

Honour #4 The Prophetic

What has God spoken over your life? What are you speaking over your life? Do they match?

Worship and Praise

Have an intimate time with God. Don’t allow yourself to miss out. Things in your life will shift and God will overflow.