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Partner with Us

We are adding capacity to our facilities!...

Park City Church is embarking on a building project and we would love you to partner with us.

Our goal is to help people in our community.  Those facing challenges, people needing practical help and youth are high on our priority lists.  We want to be able to provide facilities where they are enabled and provided for. We believe in doing so they can then have the opportunity for a fresh start, and be able to build capacity to live their lives at a higher level. 

Our vision is to expand our building to include a larger auditorium space and cafe, and improved parents room and children’s area with better flow to our outdoor areas. We are also wanting to gain greater capacity to enable us to provide respite care for parents during services, whose children have special needs or are on the autistic spectrum. We believe this will benefit both the church and community groups who use our facilities.

We are looking to separate the project into two phases.

Phase 1 – Is largely internal with increased auditorium capacity, including improved foyer, parents room and children’s area.
Phase 2 – Is mostly external with expansion of the cafe and an upgraded area for our small children.

The two phases of the project have been surveyed at roughly $100,000 each.

How to Give

Watch Pastor Carey Clow’s introduction of the project.

Donations can be made directly into our bank account, number 15-3956-0659700-01 please specify “building fund” and your name if you wish or via “Give A Little” at

Donate via Givealittle